Luke worked on documenting a garden I built at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2017. He was incredibly patient working around a busy construction site finding the right moment to push forward to capture the ongoing progress but always sensitive enough to appreciate when he needed to keep some distance. In a high pressure situation this meant that Luke was able to capture some superb film and stills photography by gaining the confidence of all those around him and becoming part of the greater team. The final images were a not only beautifully composed but really captured the spirit of the project.

Linklaters Chelsea Garden For Maggie's 


No matter where we go within the city it is impossible to escape the mercantile gaze, where the advertisement dominates and abolishes the space in which contemplation resides. This project, filmed in Soho, London, attempts to show how within our own every-day, people traverse the city in a distracted state, immersed in pop-up culture and the bright lights of consumerism. We are hit between the eyes by adverts that rep-resent commodities projected out of multiple screens and mobile devices creating jerky reflections on the eye, as the hubs of capitalism bombard our senses.